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Surebet calculator

What is a surebet calculator

A surebet calculator is an app that takes odds as input and tells you the necessary stakes in each outcome for you to turn a profit.

How does a surebet calculator work?

A surebet calculator can be based on a total stake amount or on a specific bookie stake amount.

For example, you can choose to calculate based on the total amount you have on a specific bookie or keep the total bets amount with a liability of 100€.

Why use a surebet calculator

Use a surebet calculator to prevent calculation errors and to decide the stakes amount faster. From our experience, using a surebets calculator is of paramount importance for turning a profit.

Types of surebets calculator

There are threee types of surebets you can place:

Back-lay: Based on a back bet stake, calculate the amount to lay on the exchange.

Two way: for example on tennis, where you bet X on player A end Y on player B.

Three way: for example of football, where you bet X on team A, Y on tem B and Z on the draw.